My partner and I started a dog walking business in 2005, called Anchorage Dog Walkers.  During the past
few years, we have thoroughly enjoyed getting to know all of the animals and their unique personalities.  
Being around the pets in their natural environment has been the perfect opportunity to take photos,
capturing their beauty, prominent attributes, funny quirks, and sweet "puppy dog eyes".   Photography has
always been one of my fondest hobbies and animals have become my most adored subject to shoot.  I prefer
situations with natural light in the outdoors, although in Alaska there are times of the year when lighting is
favorable indoors or with the use of another light source.  It hasn't always been easy taking pictures of
animals when it's just me and the pet.....trying to juggle the camera, leashes, treats, toys, or gloves. It can
be quite comical trying to do it alone, but with the help of my
partner, Chad Carl, who is great with animals,
I've been able to photograph many more pets.  We've enjoyed providing Anchorage Dog Walkers' clients
with fun photos when they return from work or vacation so we decided to offer this as an additional
service.  Although many of the photos are posted on, we thought it would be
nice to dedicate a website to the photography aspect of Anchorage Dog Walkers, for which I am
passionate.  I hope to capture your pet's personality through my camera's eye.                                           
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